1st regional Connectathon



From May 30 to June 1 of the current year, the first regional Conectathon will be held, a pioneering event in the health sector in Latin America and the Caribbean that will demonstrate the enabling technical conditions in the region for the exchange of clinical information in a timely and secure, whenever people need it.


The event will be attended by national representatives of the member countries, health authorities, experts in information technology and telecommunications, international organizations and technical teams gathered for collaboration and innovation.


The Conectathon seeks to strengthen a digital Pan-American network in health, with the aim of opening more opportunities for interoperable regional health.




During the event, the participating countries will be able to validate the data of their digital certificates for COVID-19 (vaccine, laboratory and recovered) in a safe way, both in the issuance and in the verification of the same, under the European Union standard, in addition to various profiles IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise), IPS (International Patient Summary) and others recommended by the World Health Organization. Also, the potential of emerging technologies will be explored with the support of the LACChain network.


The Conectathon will have the vast experience of IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) as a technical validator through the deployment of the Gazelle tool as an enabler. Additionally, for all those interested, demonstration sessions associated with WHO standards and the use of verifiable credentials through blockchain networks (LACChain) will be held, in order to prepare the region to adopt the WHO DDCC and be prepared for the technical exchange of data with the region and with other parts of the world.


How to participate?

The first version of the LACPASS Conectaton is oriented exclusively towards Ministries of Health, government agencies or organizations related to Digital Health


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