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2023 LACPASS Connectathon overview

2nd LACPASS Connectathon - Nov.2023


The second LACPASS Regional Connectathon will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from November 12 to 14 this year 2023. This is a pioneering event in the healthcare sector in Latin America and the Caribbean that will demonstrate the technical conditions that enable the region to exchange clinical information in a timely and secure manner, whenever people need it.

The event will be attended by national representatives from member countries, health authorities, experts in information technology and telecommunications, international organizations and technical teams brought together for collaboration and innovation. On this occasion there are 17 registered participants: Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Washington State USA.

The LACPASS Connectathon aims to strengthen a Pan-American digital health network, with the objective of opening up more opportunities for interoperable regional health.


Projectathon Tracks

The 2nd version of the LACPASS Connectathon considers 2 tracks (summarized in figure below) based on the enablers that are considered essential for the LAC region.


Track 1 - International Patient Summary: The objective of this track is for each of the participants to generate their own international patient summary based on the IPS profile and interoperate according to MHD transactions. Requirements: FHIR standard, IPS Profile, MHD Profile. LACPASS Docker.

Track 2a - Vaccination Certificate: The objective of this track is that each of the participants manages to generate and interoperate a vaccination certificate, based on the WHO DDCC profile. Requirements: FHIR Standard, WHO DDCC, LACPASS Docker.

Track 2b - Innovation: The objective of this track is to learn about decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and how to send vaccine certificates to digital wallets based on the verifiable credentials standard.


Throughout the event, 16 of the 18 registered countries actively participated in the tracks through the test platforms. A total of 403 test instances were executed. Of these, 17 were incomplete, 8 were partially verified and 14 failed. However, 363 tests were successfully executed.

Of the 363 successful tests:

    239 belong to track 1 (IPS/MHD profiles).
    73 to track 2a (DDCC/DDVC profile).
    51 to track 2b (LACCHAIN Innovation profile).


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The second version of the LACPASS Projectaton is oriented exclusively towards Ministries of Health, government agencies or organizations related to Digital Health. For non-LACPASS countries wishing to participate, in this section you can apply for registration and access the resources and tools generated for the 2nd LACPASS Projectathon.


Click on the icon to access the LACPASS Github, required for LACPASS Projectathon.

Use Cases


Guidance document for test execution, version 1.1 available. Document being updated.



Click on the icon to access the FHIR IPS-LAC implementation guide for the Connectathon.


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Registration for the LACPASS 2023 Conectaton is now closed.

IHE Gazelle

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The event was held at Sao Paulo, Brazil.